How to Extend iPad Battery Life

IPad battery life can be quite good. But that does not mean we can not make it better. We can still extend the battery power. Especially if you use a tablet the way most people do. Where not taken anywhere alias left at home. Its use is also short at night, sometimes while relaxing on the couch or lying in bed.

Well, based on this assumption, we can disable some iPad functions that do not use. So that will further extend battery power. What should be arranged? Here are the steps

Background Refreshing and Notifications

One of the functions that makes a battery wasteful is Background Refreshing and Notification. If the iPad is used as a medium of entertainment, surfing the internet certainly does not require notification. Because it does not hurt to disable it, how:

  1. Open the Settings application
  2. Select General
  3. Press the Background App Refresh button

We will see a list of applications that use this function. We can choose which applications are allowed to use the function. But to make it easier, just turn off everything by moving the Background App Refresh button to the Off position.

Furthermore, still in the Settings section, press the Notification button. We can also choose one by one application that can display notifications. Or you can turn it off completely. How to slide the Allow Notifications button to the Off position (left).

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Mail, Contact and Calender

If you don’t use iPad for productivity, like email, contacts and calendar. Then just turn off the push function. The method

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap Mail, Contact, Calender
  3. In the Fetch New Data section.

From here we can actually set one account at a time. But if you want all accounts can not synchronize data. Just turn off the Push function and do a manual refresh.


The Bluetooth function is one that drains the battery. Though its function is only needed when we want to send files or use accessories such as smartband and headphones.

There is a very easy way to turn Bluetooth on and off. Swipe to the top of the Control Center, then press the Bluetooth button. Or you can also open Settings, then select the Bluetooth menu when you want to make settings.


If for entertainment and browsing, it doesn’t seem to require a location function. Should only be deactivated, because it can save battery usage. How to set it

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Select the Privacy button
  3. Then open Location Services
  4. We can deactivate the whole by sliding the Location Services button at the top to the Off position.
  5. Can also choose several applications that can use this function. The rest can be disabled by pressing one application at a time, then on the Always Location Access option, select Never.


Although this function is quite useful, in fact not many people use it. Maybe you are one of them. Because it is just disable it. How;

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Select General
  3. Then, press Spotlight Search

We will see the entire Spotlight category. Uncheck all of these categories.


Maybe this is one suggestion that we often hear to save battery usage. But is that true? By reducing the brightness, it is proven to save battery consumption.

On iPad, the settings are in Settings, then tap Display & Brightness. Turn off the Auto Brightness option.

An easier way to make arrangements via the Control Center. Just shift the button to increase the brightness level.

Turn off iPad

If you’re the type of person who only uses iPad on weekends. It is recommended to just turn off the iPad after using it. As a result, the battery runs out even if not used. May be useful.